Packgod Face Reveal

Packgod face reveal is a YouTube roaster who has a large following and creates content on both his Packgod and void channels. He is known for his controversial diss tracks and sharp wit, which have earned him a dedicated audience on both channels.

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The face reveal occurred after tensions with his former partner Leg, and it allowed fans to connect more personally with him. It also helped to humanize him and bring a new dimension to his content.

Who is Packgod?

Packgod is an American YouTuber and rapper who is known for his controversial diss tracks. He targets well-known content creators and has created diss tracks about Jake Paul, KSI, Mini Ladd, and more.

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He has a huge fan base on his void channel, which has over 2 million subscribers and is watched by 5.5 million people worldwide. He is also popular on other platforms, including Instagram and Discord.

What Happened between Packgod and Leg?

The two met on discord packing servers and started to become friends through the medium. Later, they became partners and ran the void channel together. They have made a few diss tracks on different Youtubers and social media websites, but they are best known for their Jake Paul diss track.

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Why did Packgod make it public?

In 2022, Packgod decided to show his face to the public after some problems with his former partner. He had previously been a faceless YouTuber who did not show his face in any of his videos.

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On August 26, 2022, he posted a 31-minute video entitled The Truth About Packgod on his channel. This video received a lot of attention from viewers and was well-received. Many people thought that it was a ploy to hide his face from the public, but they were wrong.

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His Net Worth

The net worth of Packgod is not known because he has not recorded his assets and income on any website. He is currently going through some legal troubles, which may change his net worth.

Why does Leg make his videos public?

Leg has been making videos about Packgod since the fallout. He has made more than four videos about the issue and wrote on his community page about it.

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He has been calling Packgod racist, pedophile, and a variety of other names. He also claimed that Packgod wrote most of the raps and diss songs on the void channel. He then went on to make a diss track at Leg, where he shared all of this information, especially threatening to take legal action against the former collaborator.

His Diss Tracks Have Gained a Wide Following

Aside from his diss tracks, Packgod also makes regular rant-style YouTube videos with people playing games in the background to keep making jabs at his former partner. The videos have received a wide variety of comments and views, and his most recent one is titled “PACKGOD’S GREATEST ROASTS OF 2022.”

What Does Packgod’s Real Name Mean?

His real name is Elias Lichten. His real name and email address were leaked onto a station on YouTube named “speedrungod69.” In a Leg Diss track, he said that Leg gave out all of his information, including most of the raps and diss tracks on the void channel.

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