Good Morning America Co-Anchor Lara Spencer Foot Surgery

Good Morning America co-anchor Lara Spencer has recently undergone a foot surgery. She is now on the road to recovery and has made some exciting plans for her future.

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Good Morning America co-anchor

Lara Spencer, the co-anchor of Good Morning America, has revealed that she recently underwent foot surgery for a torn plantar plate. The plantar plate is a strong ligament that covers the foot’s metatarsals. It’s a very important part of the toes.

She had to have the surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. This hospital is one of the top orthopaedics hospitals in the U.S.

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On social media, Lara Spencer posted pictures of her recovering from the operation. One of the pictures shows her wearing a boot and she is doing leg exercises. Some people are a little confused as to why she’s wearing a boot.

During her recovery period, she has been open about her personal life. Some people have dubbed her a “superhero”. Others have sent her their best wishes.

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Lara Spencer is a journalist for ABC News and the Great American Country channel. She is also a national level springboard diver. Besides her career, she is married and has two children from her first marriage.

Surgical procedure

Good Morning America host Lara Spencer recently had foot surgery to repair a torn plantar plate. She is now taking part in a physical rehabilitation program to help her heal up.

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The plantar plate is a strong ligament on the sole of the foot that covers the metatarsals and supports the toes. It also covers other bones of the foot. A tear in the plantar plate can cause severe pain and degenerative joint disease.

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A torn plantar plate isn’t uncommon, but what happens when you have it? It’s a good thing that Spencer is taking the necessary steps to avoid worsening her situation.

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She has been receiving well wishes and encouraging messages from fans. They’ve even dubbed her a super hero.

Although the recovery process has been tough, she is putting her body and mind to the test. She is participating in a leg workout regime that aims to restore her former sports prowess. In fact, if you follow Lara on Instagram, you’ll see a number of posts that document her recovery.

Post-op regime

Having spent the better part of the year in a medical boot, Lara Spencer has been doing a bit of rehab to get back on her feet. She has posted a couple of videos of her doing the medical marvels. In the name of full disclosure, there are also a handful of posts from her crew members who are also working hard at getting her health back on track. Some of the more notable names include Ginger Zee, Sam Champion, and James Reardon. Hopefully, all are back on their feet by the end of the year and able to get their respective hares into the ring of fire.

A quick search of her Instagram and Twitter accounts reveals no shortage of support from her friends and fans. From her social media peers to her own staff, she has a well oiled machine. This is a testament to the magic of the human condition. Despite her medical setbacks, she hasn’t let it show in her public appearances.

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Future plans

Lara Spencer, host of Good Morning America, recently underwent foot surgery to fix a torn plantar plate. Her doctor said she will need several months to fully recover from the injury. She’s currently doing physical therapy. The news caught the attention of her fans. They expressed their support and well wishes.

In the days since the surgery, Spencer has been sharing personal moments with her fans on social media. Her Instagram account has been updated with pictures and videos of her daily routine and recovery.

In a post to her Instagram account, Spencer revealed that she had torn a plantar ligament in her foot. The ligament is a strong ligament that covers the toes and other joints in the foot. It’s a major injury. According to the doctor, the injury was caused by her daughter’s last soccer season.

After undergoing the surgery, Lara was advised to wear a medical boot. Although some fans were wondering why she was wearing a boot, she assured them that she’s fine.

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