Dog Bite Case in Washoe County

In 2011, a Nevada man took legal action against the owner of a German Pointer that bit him in multiple areas of his arms and legs. The victimvicious dog had a pre-existing injury to his spine, which was re-injured when he fell backwards during the attack. This led the plaintiff to request compensation for over 75 thousand dollars for medical care, in addition to 850 thousand dollars in punitive damages.

This was not the first time the German Pointer had bitten. In fact, this victim happened to be the fourth person that the dog had bombarded, and yet one more person was hurt after him.

A settlement conference was arranged by the Washoe District Court on April 30th, 2014. The insurance company of the defendant was supposed to have a rep from their office present to negotiate a proper settlement amount (up to one million dollars). After spending ten hours in the conference, the realization surfaced that this particular representative only had the authority to settle for an amount up to 600 thousand dollars.

When talk about the settlement possibly being higher than that arose, the rep asked for two days to put further efforts into the settlement, which delayed the matter from being resolved. The judge found this to be highly inconvenient, and gave the company a fee of $50,000 for bad faith and contempt.

The law in Nevada states that a dog bite victim may be entitled to compensation from the dog’s owner if it can be proved that the owner was negligent. Therefore, if you are bitten, consulting an attorney such as Ed Bernstein is your best bet.

In this case, the trial date for this case was set June of 2014. Very unfortunately, the dog in question was euthanized before his owner went before the judge.



Reality Check for Testosterone  


Commercial advertisements for testosterone therapy treatments have often been geared toward middle-age males, convincing them that testosterone is the answer to their symptoms of low sex drive, low energy, and other undesirable effects of aging.


What these ads neglect to mention is that changes such as this are actually normal for men of that age. Men age, just as women, and this process includes hormonal shifts. Medical therapies should only be used in cases where the testosterone level is much lower than it should be, an issue called hypogonadism, which can only be determined by a doctor. Low testosterone, or “Low T” as it is commonly called, is not unusual and should be expected in men of a certain age. If unnecessarily taken, these products can be detrimental to the health of the consumer.


However, the recent push of testosterone medications and treatments would have you think otherwise. By selling their products to the average males that don’t need them, the manufacturers of therapies have been able to increase their sales over 500% since 1993, and they end up spending at least $14 million dollars every year on advertising.


Prescriptions for testosterone have more than doubled since 2007. The most commonly-used testosterone, Androgel, comes in a gel form, and last year’s sales count for it alone surpassed Viagra’s.


Testosterone therapies, as all medications, should only be turned to when they are needed and are otherwise dangerous. In fact, it has recently been unveiled that testosterone can lead to a heart attack. For those that may have been unnecessarily prescribed a medication such as this: consider consulting with a personal injury attorney to discuss potential harm it may have caused.

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Nevada Driver Arrested After Crashing into Restaurant

Traffic accidents have become the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, and roughly one-third of these accidents involve alcohol or another mind or mood-altering substance. These statistics have led the US to have a strict “No Tolerance” policy regarding driving under the influence for drivers under the age of 21drunk_driver

One example comes to us recently, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last April, a 20-year old male driver pled guilty to the two felony DUI charges he was given after police stated that he drove his vehicle through the patio of a local restaurant, “The Egg & I”. The patio was full of people who were dining and many of them were injured in his crash. The end result varied from burns to broken bones – and even a collapsed lung for one unfortunate diner.

One customer at the restaurant was visiting from California and was dining with five other family members when the accident occurred. She recounts seeing her teenage nephew trapped under the automobile. She also describes seeing an older woman bleeding under the patio chairs. “It was a horrible, horrible moment,” she said of the wreckage. She also mentions that she is still struggling with the medical bills that this ordeal has left her with.

The young man was later found to be under the influence of both marijuana and Xanax, among other substances. Xanax is a medication prescribed for anxiety and is often abused by drug-users for its sedative effect.

The driver did attempt to flee the scene, but was tackled by witnesses of the accident on the street and was held there until police arrived.

He was finally sentenced a minimum of six years behind bars, with a maximum of 20 years – a time that was greatly reduced from the 32 to 80 years he was initially facing. He was also originally facing four other charges that were dropped in the end. He could possibly be allowed out of jail by the time he is twenty-four.

He claims that his plans, once he is released, will be to obtain his GED, start supporting his family, and find a way to pay back the victims that were harmed. “I want to do nothing but good,” he states.

If you have been a victim of a careless or intoxicated driver in Las Vegas, Nevada, you will need an attorney to take a stand on your behalf. Edward M Bernstein & Associates has been practicing law in the area for many years, and is currently accepting these types of cases. Do not be an unvoiced victim to crimes like this – get help in one call.